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DFW area Massage Therapy for Pain & Stress Management

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Benefits of Massage in the Workplace 

A happy employee is a productive employee; however, 40-60% of all employees quit or leave jobs due to stress, a leading cause of disgruntled workers.  More and more businesses, from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations, are finding the benefits of chair massages in the workplace.  Want a happy, productive employee?  Give them massage in the workplace!

 Studies indicate that a mere 15 minute chair massage once a week at work can improve an employee’s retention ratio, decrease sick leave, and increase overall efficiency.  Companies including Boeing, NBC, Lockheed-Martin, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and Microsoft encourage their employees to have a massage once a week as part of their wellness programs.  Promoting massages as part of the company benefit package has also shown to strengthen and improve a company’s applicant pool. 

 According to an article in a 1992 edition of Financial Times, an Ontario company reported a 25% reduction in time off for work related injuries and compensation claims dropped by $200,000 after implementing a massage therapy program.  Studies showed job stress and anxiety were reduced while alertness and performance on math tests were increased following chair massage.  Whether you provide massage to your staff on a regular basis or during an especially demanding period, it can really make a difference in productivity, job satisfaction, and health. 

Perks for the Outstanding Employee

 Massage is the perfect way to reward employees who have work above and beyond the call of duty. Reward that special employee with a gift certificate for massage therapy at Judy King & Associates or use in-house chair massage as an incentive prize for a special promotional campaign.  Whether for the employee of the month, top salesperson of the quarter or honoring a worker’s employment anniversary, massage is the perfect way to show your appreciation.  Just watch the morale soar!!





  Payment Options

So you think offering your employees massage in the workplace is a great idea, but it’s not part of the company’s annual budget. If the company is unable to provide the entire amount of a massage, the employer can provide a percentage or an office pool can be created in lieu of birthday cakes or lunches.  The entire cost can also be paid by the employee since many workers are more than willing to pay the cost from their own pocket if the service is offered.  Judy King & Associates does provide special packages and discounts to groups.  Call and ask for further details. 

 Frequently Ask Questions

Does a chair massage require that the employee get undressed? 

 Since a chair massage concentrates on the arms, neck, back, and shoulders, the most common areas affected by stress, it is not necessary for the employee to get undressed.  An employee’s work clothes and overall business apparel and appearance are not altered. 

 What is the best time for massages?

Many employers schedule appointments during the employee’s breaks or lunch.  The massage session usually lasts 10-15 minutes, the time for a coffee break. Judy King & Associates Massage Therapy has eight therapists on staff who are available for both large and small offices. 

Who benefits from massage?

Any employee from office staff to factory workers can benefit from chair massage.  There is a variety of massage therapy techniques that can be used depending on the type of work performed.  Before the massage, talk to the therapist about problem areas that need attention. 

Let Us Come to You!!

 A fifteen minute chair massage from the therapists at Judy King & Associates Massage Therapy is guaranteed to revitalize you and your employees or your money back.  Our therapists will travel anywhere within the Metroplex to provide your staff with the finest massage available.  Simply let us know your location and number of employees, sit back, and let us do the rest. Group Rates & Discounts Available.  Call for more information.


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