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Howdy Folks, 

My name is Van Brown and I will be teaching Tai Chi at Judy King and Associates. I would like to share a little bit of my Philosophy about the practice of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is meditation in motion. The practitioner of Tai Chi can achieve piece of mind, balance, and strength by performing a set pattern of movements designed to increase the flow of energy through different muscle groups. Balance can be achieved by a continuous erythematic flow from one stance to another. Strength can be achieved by using dynamic tension while moving from one stance to another. Your Energy Level will increase by working the Form on a daily basis. Now letís be honest, no one can give you peace of mind. Peace of Mind is something you can only achieve by yourself, but you might acquire a little piece of it by practicing Tai Chi. Many folks before us have stated that they have achieved Pease of Mind by practicing these simple movements on a regular basis.

 The cycle of energy that we as humans experience during the day flows in a pattern very much like the earth rotates. We awake in a very peaceful (Calm) state in the early hours of the day. During the day our energy begins to flow much faster (Strong) as we go about our daily chores. Then in the evening as our day starts to wind down we become more peaceful (Calm) again.

 The practice of Tai Chi can be adapted and practiced in this manner by starting the day off  by going thru the form early in the morning very calmly and with very little tension. Then as the day goes on and our energy becomes greater we practice the form with tension and strength in the movements, usually during the midday, perhaps at lunch. Then as evening comes and our day winds down we go thru the form in a very relaxed and easy manner with very little tension. Much like the earth rotates and night turns into day and then back into night. If you understand the philosophy of Yin & Yang you will see the concept of light into darkness, soft into hard, and so forth.

 Well, that in a nut shell is my philosophy of teaching Tai Chi. I hope we become friends and enjoy a long and healthy relationship learning about life together.


Van Brown (Sifu)

CLASS TIMES                                                          CLASS TIMES

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MON- WED- FRI:   5:45  -   6:30                             MON - WED - FRI:  6:45  -  7:30

SAT:  10:00 -       10:00 - 10:45                             SAT:                     11:00 - 11:45

Cost:  $60.00 a month (attend as many classes as you want for one price)

*Chinese Boxing available upon request.


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