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As the number of people suffering from depression, stress and anxiety increase, more people are looking at holistic therapy instead of medication for relief.  As more is learned of the healing powers of touch, an increasing number of adults are turning to massage for managing stress and the chronic pain it causes, without using drugs. 

According to medical studies, 80% of all illnesses and diseases are stress related.  When the body is under undue stress, the blood flow to muscles is constricted and circulation is reduced putting additional strain on the major organs, especially the heart.  Massage relaxes muscles and allows for improved blood flow. 

Medical studies also show that massage therapy can reduce insomnia, a leading cause of stress in mature adults.  Researchers at the Touch Research Institute showed that twice-weekly massage lowered the stress hormone Cortisol, eased neck, shoulder and back pain, areas where most people carry the stress in their bodies. Massage can increase the body’s ability to produce endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer.     

A leading bi-product of stress, especially for women, is migraine headaches.  The Touch Research Institute also reports that people suffering from migraine headaches report decreased pain immediately following the first day's session of massage therapy.  Participants of the study had more headache-free days and fewer days with mild headache pain. This group also reported sleeping more and waking up less often during the night, and lessened feelings of anxiety. The massaged group also showed an overall increase in serotonin levels.

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