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Sports massage is employed by therapists to work on the specific muscles most affected in a particular sport.  The massage can be used in preventive maintenance as well as in recovery following an injury. By concentrating on the specific muscle groups most used in a sport, a massage therapist can help an athlete increase mobility and maintain maximal performance. 

 If used regularly, a sports massage can relieve stress points and spasms as well as decrease the chance of injury.  It also improves muscle flexibility and coordination which improves an athlete's performance.  Athletes who have regular massages have an increased blood flow and increased oxygen and nutrients in the body. 

One of the primary uses of sports massage is in the recovery period following and injury.  Muscle spasms are reduced and enhances the body's own endorphins, the body's natural pain killers.  In the management of chronic or acute injuries, massage therapists use soft tissue techniques in the management of pain.  If lymphatic massage is used on an injury, it improves the control of secondary, edema formation which enhances the healing cycle. 

It is important that the massage therapists work closely with the physician or physical therapist in order for the patient to have the proper care.  No one should have a sports massage without first consulting with a doctor. 




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