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A personís health is directly affected by the bodyís stress level. Since all nerves end in a personís foot, coordinating points in the body can benefit from foot reflexology which, in turn, can relieve stress.. Reflexology involves applying pressure techniques to reflex points in the feet and hands to trigger a relaxation response throughout the body.  Pressure is applied to the appendages are relieving tension in the body which in turn improves blood flow and circulation.

Ancient Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese cultures used reflexology for its curative properties and it again resurfaced in the 19th century.  One American, Dr. William Fitzgerald, developed the theory of "Zone Therapy," whereby pressure can be applied in any of the ten longitudinal lines or zones of the body to reduce or eliminate pain elsewhere within that zone.

Not only does reflexology reduce stress in the body, but allows the body to achieve balance which helps to protect from illness.  It increases energy and cleanses the body of impurities and toxins.   Other benefits include relief of muscle pain, improved sleep patterns, and increased energy and vigor. The procedure is non-evasive and doesnít tickle.


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