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Prenatal Massage for a Healthier Mother and Baby

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Benefits of Prenatal Massage


* Relaxation & Decreased Insomnia.
* Reduces Edema & Blood Pressure.
* Relieves Varicose Veins, Increases Blood and Lymph     Circulation.
* Stress Relief on Weight-Bearing Joints, such as Ankles, Lower Back, and Pelvis.
* Improves Posture.
*Decreases Sciatic Pain.



A woman who found she was six months pregnant came to Judy  King & Associates for a prenatal massage. She was concerned because her two older children had ADD and she had smoked during the first trimester. Because of the unique circumstances, she was also worried about the baby's birth weight. After three months of prenatal massage, she gave birth to a healthy 8 pound baby who shows no signs of ADD. Prenatal Massage works.

More women are discovering the benefits of Prenatal massage for both themselves and their unborn child. Massage gives special attention to the mother which in turn nurtures the new life growing inside her.

Always consult your physician before having a pre-natal massage. 

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