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Lymphatic drainage massage is a technique developed in Europe for the treatment of lymphedema disease such as cancer. The procedure helps increase the body's natural flow of lymph by increasing lymphatic circulation thus detoxifying the body and increasing the functions of the immune system.

Your lymphatic system is responsible for initiating the immune response, creating antibodies, draining interstitial fluid, and transporting dietary lipids (fats). It relies primarily on muscle movement (i.e., exercise) to circulate the lymph fluid through your body.

Studies have indicated that it not only benefits cancer patients but is ideal for helping people maintain maximum health.
Massage provides regular stimulation of the lymph vessels under the skin. It encourages them to work harder and find new pathways to drain away the lymph. Massage has a milking or siphoning effect, moving lymph away from the swollen area.
The application of appropriate massage technique may promote healing at incision sites and may prevent or reduce scarring.

The swollen area itself isn't usually massaged unless a very special technique is used. Ordinary massage can cause friction and damage the skin or increase the blood supply. This, in turn, causes more lymph to be produced. The factors a massage therapist considers in determining what technique can be used safely and effectively is the cancer or any tumor location, cancer stage, and location of any metastatic site(s).

Treatment with massage may be helpful if you have swelling of your face, neck, upper arm, thigh, or truck.
Lymphatic massage is beneficial for clients suffering from lack of energy, a sluggish immune system, emotional depression and stress, and sports related injuries. Other applications include:
- Skin disorders including acne, eczema, poor complexion, etc.
- Digestive disorders.
- Edema (swelling) of all kinds.
- Tension headaches.
- Allergies.
- Insomnia.
- Circulatory problems.

Talk to your physician before consulting a massage therapist if you are being treated for cancer or other lymphedema disease. Only a qualified therapist can do lymphatic massage.

Success Stories

I had a client about eighteen years ago who had been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. Doctors determined that the cancer was concentrated in the groin and leg area and did surgery to remove lymph nodes from the areas.

She took radiation treatments and chemotherapy treatments. Doctors told her that they wanted to do more radiation treatments and she asked them if that would cure her. They told her no; it would give her six months to live. She asked them if she didn't take the radiation, how long did she have and they told her she would live three months. She stated that she had rather have three months than the six months with radiation.

She came to Texas and this is where she met me. She began taking mineral baths and we put her on certain herbs and she began taking therapy. The therapy was balancing energy flows of her body so that her body could heal. At that time she only had twelve weeks to live and so was very faithful with her therapy. It has been eighteen years and she is still going strong!

"Following chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and major surgery of fourth stage throat and neck cancer, I began receiving therapeutic massage from Judy King twice a week. This therapy was directly responsible for raising my energy level, keeping my lymphatic system functioning and in providing me with a continued range of motion in my head and heck that has amazed my doctors."
******John Lambert

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