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Although aging is unavoidable, growing old gracefully can be accomplished with proper maintenance of the body.  Many senior adults have chosen massage therapy as a way of staying healthy and vital throughout life.  The benefits of geriatric massage over traditional treatments for pain relief and stress are becoming more readily accepted especially as a larger majority of society joins the older population.  Comedian and entertainer Bob Hope received a massage every day until his death at over 100.

 The body is a remarkable instrument and is built to repair itself naturally.  However, as we become older and the body succumbs to the wear and tear of daily life, it takes longer for it to heal itself.  Massage not only increases mobility in arthritic or aching limbs, but increases circulation and muscle tone.  A woman who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis began receiving a two hour massage once a week.  Before massage therapy, she had been told that she would never work again and would be confined to a wheel chair.  Today she is still able to do volunteer work at a hospital, wheelchair free. 

 Eighty to ninety percent of all disease is stress related.  Many stress related illnesses, including lymphedema, high blood pressure, and heart disease can improve from adding massage therapy to a health regime.  John Lambert of Euless began receiving massage therapy after being diagnosed with throat and neck cancer.  “Following chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and major surgery of fourth stage throat and neck cancer, I began receiving therapeutic massage twice a week,” Lambert recalled.  “This therapy was directly responsible for raising my energy level, keeping my lymphatic system functioning and providing me with a continued range of motion in my head and neck that has amazed by doctors.” 

 Many mature adults respond to geriatric massage in such a manner that medication can be dramatically reduced or alleviated entirely.  Massage therapy has been proven to increase vitality, improve bodily functions, help sleep disorders, lessen or stop depression, and stimulate memory. 

  Massage therapy can be more cost efficient than conventional medical procedures.  Many insurance companies are finally covering massage therapy for older adults and it can also be covered by worker’s compensation and PIP. 

Massage for Better Circulation

A healthy body requires stimulated circulation whether from exercise or from a good, invigorating massage, which has been shown to increase oxygen in the blood by 15%.  Massage therapy improves blood flow, particularly in the hands and feet, two areas where many mature adults suffer from poor or reduced circulation.   Another area that requires amplified movement is the lymphatic system, which carries impurities and toxins out of the body and requires frequent muscle stimulation to flow adequately. 

Circulation is also vital to the cell – the building block of the body.  Blood vessels and lymph both supply much needed nutrients and oxygen to the cell as well as carry away harmful contaminants.    For individuals with limited mobility, handicaps, or circulatory diseases such as diabetes, massage therapy can provide the needed stimulation for a healthier circulatory system.

Salt Glow Treatments 

Although salt glow treatment is usually associated with skin care, it has recently shown significant benefits to people with circulation issues, including diabetes.  Salt glow is a sea salt scrub that not only exfoliates the skin, but gets below the tissue to improve blood’s circulatory flow.  The salt is gently rubbed into the body and then showered off with water, rejuvenating and toning the skin as well as giving a boost to the blood’s circulation.  It also serves as a detoxifying agent.

Massage for Varicose Veins   

Varicose veins are caused by increased blood pressure in the veins which can be caused by such factors as increased stress on the limbs, constricting clothes, fluctuating hormones, or weight gain or loss.  In fact, any circumstance that places undue pressure on the legs or abdomen can cause varicosity.  As the blood pressure increases, the vein begins to dilate, causing interference in the circulation.  The blood will begin to pool and thicken which, in turn, causes the vein to twist and constrict.  The result is the bluish inflamed vessel that is primarily found in the lower legs.  Massage therapy increases the circulation of the congealed and thickened blood so that it again flows properly which decreases the burden on the vein.  Although varicose can be surgically removed, massage therapy can improve the condition without operating which can put undue strain on the remaining veins. 



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